Ultrasonic Diffuser - Hestia
Ultrasonic Diffuser - Hestia
Ultrasonic Diffuser - Hestia
Ultrasonic Diffuser - Hestia
Ultrasonic Diffuser - Hestia

Ultrasonic Diffuser - Hestia

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Hestia ultrasonic diffuser: Combined with the ultrasonic diffusion technology that we have been developing for several years, the Hesia diffuser has many advantages to help you enjoy your aromatherapy sessions.

Why choose the Hestia diffuser?

  • For its technology: ultrasonic diffusion generates a light mist ensuring the cold diffusion of your essential oils. Ideal for Aromatherapy because it does not alter the virtues of essential oils.
  • For its benefits: it helps to improve the ambient air for better respiratory comfort. Use it with essential oil-free water to clean the air in a child's room.
  • For its different broadcast modes: broadcast alternating pause times and broadcast times every 30 seconds or continuous broadcast.
  • For its LED lighting: the possibilities are multiple with automatic color variation lighting and the possibility of fixing on one color. You can also set yellow light lighting with a twinkling effect for a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Diffusion and lighting are independent.
  • For its style: light and compact, it can easily find a place in your interior, whatever the room. Its modern and original design makes it an essential decorative element in your living room, bedroom, office...

How to use it ?

Fill the reservoir with water, then add a few drops of essential oils. Place the upper part and connect the device using the power cable provided. Then simply press the buttons to choose its diffusion mode and lighting. You can choose 2 diffusion modes and 4 different lighting modes.

Dimensions: 16cm (d) x 21.5cm (h)

Net weight: 0.8 kg
Capacity: 30mL
Materials: P.P.

To be used with essential oils and water.