We are Tjasa and Mateja, friends from student years. We hung out before, during and after the ‘parties’. We were also active members of the student club and already participated in various projects together. We have quite a few common interests, such as love of nature, everything simple, travel, cooking and much more. We both found a husband born on exactly the same day!

We all grew up. Not really, because we are both quite small, but yes, we both found our profession. We are also moms. We both always have the desire to achieve "something" in life. So, we spent quite some time looking for an idea of ​​what we could create in common. Tjasa was the driving force all the time: "Come on, we have to think of something!". We both thought a lot and browsed the web. There were quite a few ideas, but none of them had that "something" to take seriously.


Then, almost like lightning, the idea of ​​candles came out of the clear! Yes, candles, let’s do something new, something better! We need to create friendlier candles! Because we are both close to nature and aware of the pollution of the planet, we knew this was the right thing to do. We also thoroughly researched the disadvantages of “ordinary candles” and came to the conclusion that they have a great impact on environmental pollution. And not only the packaging, but also the toxins that are released during combustion, and the wax (especially paraffin), all the additives they add to it, as well as the wick can be controversial. We knew our idea was right and we had to give it a try!


Where to start? Yeah, wax! What kind? It should not be paraffin (a by-product of oil), we have already researched so much, nor should it be bee because we do not support animal exploitation. Vegetable! Vegetable wax, natural, environmentally friendly! Soy candles.


Come on, let's order it and test it! And a couple more wicks for sampling. Let's try. We explore different wicks. We spend most of our time looking for the right packaging. We are the first to have packaging that does not burden the environment as waste! We are really proud of that! Packaging that can be disposed of in a bin with biodegradable waste.


In a few months of daily research and work, the first real testers were created. And we wanted more. The product must also be beautiful to look at, so we also paid a lot of attention to the appearance of the candle. Leaflets of different colors illustrate nature, all transience and at the same time freedom.

And because this candle of ours was so cute to look at, we had to name it. EVVA. The name symbolically represents something new to us, a birth, a new beginning.


We are convinced that the product is attractive on the world market, as so far there is no product among the disposable candles that would not be almost waste-free or would not pollute the environment with them. Of all this, the most important are us, the people, our health, aren't we?

Our vision is to become the first in the production of tea candles of plant origin with biodegradable disposable packaging that will have an attractive design and will definitely stand out among tea candles.

Of course, we do not lack ideas for the future, so we will add new and new products. The EVVA doll will also help us to promote these, as well as to raise awareness about environmental issues, a healthier and cleaner way of life, and to take care of our planet. She will be our voice! We are sure that with her kindness and positive attitude she will easily network you and anchor you in your heart.

Since we intend to launch quite a few products on the market, the JAAC & ZAAK brand has been created. The name is derived from the surnames of our partners and children, who will be the successors of this, we are sure, successful story.

We can’t wait to share everything we have to say and show it with you too!

Tjasa and Mateja

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