Organic Essential Oil 10 ml - LEMON
Organic Essential Oil 10 ml - LEMON

Organic Essential Oil 10 ml - LEMON

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Organic Essential Oils - Lemon

Organic essential oils are oils that are derived from plants that are not grown using pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. 

The Acient Wisdom essential oils are studiously selected, tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards. We believe these essential oils offer the best quality and value on the market.  

Emotionally and energetically, this Lemon Essential Oil can help relieve anxiety and depression. Its sedative and aphrodisiac properties make it helpful for relaxing the mind and uplifting and improving one's mood.

Using Lemon Essential Oil is a popular herbal remedy with a stimulating scent and has a wide range of potential health benefits when used properly.

With its expectorant properties, Oil is often used to loosen phlegm, clear congestion and soothe the associated pain of a hacking cough. What is more, the high citral content means it can often kill the bacteria found in mucus.

Read the instructions for use carefully and follow them carefully! The oils are intended for external use and are not intended for consumption. Do not use undiluted! May cause skin irritation in sensitive people. Do not use during pregnancy and in young children!

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