EVA is a child of nature and a completely ordinary girl who wants to tell us all the little things about the environment that we have almost forgotten about. She always carries a piece of nature that she endlessly adores.

These are her colorful and fragrant flowers that bloom in her happiness and wither in sorrow. That is why it is important to take good care of all her flowers and to give them just the right amount of attention.

The mischievous smile and big eyes of little Eva accompany us and follow us as long as we act environmentally friendly. We are also accompanied by her childish mischief and knowledge of all the little things that make big changes. Despite the fact that Eva is not a super hero and does not have super power, she has the power to influence the consciousness of each of us.

Take your time and listen to what Eva wants to tell you, as she will, by the way, tap your conscience with her sympathetic findings and encourage you to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. Trust her and love her and her flowers will bloom more than anything else.

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