The deep-rooted tradition of our society is to light candles on the graves of the dead. This mainly flares up around November 1, when we celebrate Remembrance Day. The tons of waste plastic left behind every year after this holiday are destroying nature and certainly not a fitting tribute to the deceased, much less benefiting us who are here now and future generations.

According to Greenpeace Slovenia, plastic candles on Slovenian graves generate as much as 2,400 tons of waste annually, which is the remainder of the 16 million candles we light.

The average household lights 19.4 candles in one year (classic, paraffin).

The energy that these candles consume in their life cycle is equal to the amount of energy that a Slovenian household uses for cooking in one month or for heating sanitary water in one year.

An electronic candle does not significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to a paraffin candle.


We offer alternative solutions and suggestions on how to reduce the use of candles in sustainable ways - or even better, to avoid their use altogether. For example:

  • beautiful thoughts or a picture is written on the pebbles,
  • a tombstone ikebana is made at home from natural materials (rosemary symbolizes eternal love and fidelity) or cut flowers are laid,
  • you can light virtual candles,
  • we place home-made products from natural sources on the grave,
  • even the moment when we remember them at the grave and carry all the dear deceased in our hearts and fond memories is enough.

If you have already changed the habit yourself, however, you can take the next step and make your loved ones aware and empowered. The more we make others aware, the sooner we will reach the goal.

We are happy to admit, however, that we notice that every year more and more people go for more environmentally conscious ways of remembering the deceased, so that in cemeteries we can already see from painted and inscribed pebbles to symbolic wooden candles with various inscriptions.

However, according to tradition, many still want a flame to burn on the grave of their loved ones, so it is worth browsing and choosing candles with which we can do it in a nature-friendly way.

Sustainable candles made from vegetable wax, which is a natural and vegan product. At JAAC & ZAAK, we also pour them into biodegradable packaging, and as such they are really completely friendly to nature, animals and people.

Attention is important. The flame that will burn in our little Evva candle will be kind and responsible to everything around us.


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