You often ask us what to choose - whether scented candles or waxes, what is the difference and what are the advantages of both.

Let's take a look! 

Both, so lighting scented candles and melting waxes in wax warmers are a great way to get a good scent into your home. When your home smells, it feels more like, well ... home.  

→ By lighting candles, this goes more in a old-fashioned way, while by melting wax in warmers, we are more modern and in trend.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between melting wax in warmers and a lit candle? The differences are obvious - a candle burns with a flame, it always also produces some soot, while the waxes in the warmers melt without a flame, and consequently, they do not produce soot either.


We can also consider the advantage of candles in that the flame creates the illusion of warmth, which will make your home look warmer and more pleasant. On the other hand, electric warmers are already so beautiful, elegant and cute that they will bring exactly what you will imagine with your choice into your home.

→ With candles, perhaps the advantage is that the candle industry is very strong and you can get scented candles in any not-too-well-stocked store, while wax warmers and scented waxes are rarer.

→ The melting of waxes in the wax warmers, however, can be considered a plus that it is flameless, which is good if you have children, pets or a forgetful mind. There is basically no danger with warmers, the most that can be done is to accidentally spill your molten wax.


→ A plus in favor of wax warmers and waxes is that the scents last longer, you can also melt them for a long time, while candles are prescribed not to burn on average longer than 3-4 hours in a piece.

You should also take into account that in the case of a burning candle, in addition to wax, you can also smell burnt or burning wick. The wicks produce some chemicals and soot, so this will affect the smell and impurities to the base smell of the candle.

Scented waxes are packed in small pieces (in our case in bears and hearts) instead of one large piece of wax, so we can put as many of them in the warmers as we want. This also regulates the intensity of the smell, which we cannot do with a candle (unless, of course, we buy them and light them more at once, this multiplies the costs and creates even more soot in the room). Put more wax in the warmer, the more it will smell. We can also mix waxes with different scents and create our own fragrances.

Are wax warmers safer than candles? As we have already said, the waxes in the wax warmers melt without flame, which certainly brings greater safety and thus a plus to the side of scented waxes and wax warmers.

→ Scented waxes usually smell more. Why? Because manufacturers can add a higher percentage of fragrant oils inside. This is not possible with candles because it is necessary to take into account the fact that too much fragrant oil suppresses the wick, which will prevent the candle from burning, and on the other hand too much fragrant oil can make the candle flammable and dangerous.

What will you choose? Traditionality - so scented candles, accessibility, warmth and homeliness that they bring? Or modernity, more pronounced fragrances, creativity in creating your own scents and greater safety of wax warmers and scented waxes?


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