Ecoegg Laundry Egg Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ecoegg laundry egg really work? Yes!

The ecoegg laundry egg is scientifically tested and proven to work by one of the UK’s leading product test laboratories. Thousands of happy customers up and down the country (and now all around the world!) rely on the ecoegg laundry egg every day. It is proven to remove dirt and grime. It’s endorsed by lots of newspapers and magazines and even the “Queen of Clean”, Kim Woodburn!

How does the ecoegg laundry egg work?

The ecoegg laundry egg contains a number of small pellets and it is these pellets that are the secret to the ecoegg laundry egg’s cleaning power. The ecoegg laundry egg contains two types of cleaning pellets: The tourmaline ceramic pellets weaken the adhesive forces between the dirt and fabric. The mineral pellets then naturally ionize the oxygen molecules in the water which then penetrate deep into the fabric lifting away the dirt and grime, without fading colours or damaging the fibres. Independent scientific testing shows that these two types of pellets used together give the optimum cleaning results. The ionized oxygen molecules also increase the pH level of the water, which has a natural softening effect on your laundry, so you do not need to use additional fabric softener or conditioner if you don’t want to.


What about the rinse cycle?

The only reason there is a rinse cycle facility on a washing machine is to rinse away the chemicals from normal detergent. However, as the ecoegg laundry egg contains no harsh chemicals and leaves no residue, there’s no need for a rinse cycle. If you have a “rinse hold” button on your machine, just press that to skip the rinse cycle, but if not, no problem – you’ll just get an extra wash cycle instead of a rinse cycle. Easy!

How often do I need to top-up the ecoegg?

About every 72 washes you need to top-up your ecoegg with another pack of white mineral pellets. Don’t worry if you can’t keep track of 72 washes exactly; instead, just keep an eye on the pellets. When they are down to about half their original size, that’s when you need to top up – simple!

Does the ecoegg laundry egg contain harsh chemicals?

No, the ecoegg laundry egg does not contain any harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, optimisers, bleaches or ammonias.

Do you need to use fabric softener with the ecoegg laundry egg?

If you wish, you can use fabric softener and this will not affect the operation of the ecoegg laundry egg. We would recommend an eco-friendly fabric softener or conditioner where possible. However, the ecoegg laundry egg will naturally soften fibres as it changes the pH of the water so softener is not a necessity if you suffer from very sensitive skin.

Can I use fabric softener / water softening tablets / in-wash stain removers etc with the ecoegg?

Yes. Anything you can use with regular detergent can be used with the ecoegg. It will not affect it’s operation in any way.

Can the ecoegg laundry egg be used for hand washing? Yes.

Just pre-soak the ecoegg laundry egg in the water for approximately 20 minutes and then hand wash as normal, allowing water to flow through the ecoegg laundry egg.

Is the ecoegg laundry egg manufactured from environmentally friendlier materials? Yes, absolutely.

The rubber and plastic that the ecoegg laundry egg is made from is 100% recyclable. We are proud to manufacture the ecoegg laundry egg in the UK.

Is the ecoegg laundry egg safe to use with sensitive skin including babies skin?

Yes, as there are no harsh chemicals involved. The ecoegg laundry egg is 100% hypoallergenic, meaning that it is safe for the most sensitive skin, even babies and children’s skin.

Will the ecoegg laundry egg harm washing machines?

No, the ecoegg laundry egg is perfectly safe to use with all makes of washing machine. It is made from soft, durable rubber, so it is gentle on your machine.

Can the ecoegg laundry egg be used in all temperature washes? The ecoegg laundry egg can be used up to and including 60 degrees Celsius. There’s no need to wash any hotter with the ecoegg. In fact, the ecoegg is amazingly effective at lower temperature s – so try turning down the temperature to 15 or 3o degrees, we think you’ll be impressed!

Can the ecoegg laundry egg be left in for the whole wash cycle? Yes.

However, the ecoegg laundry egg should be removed for the drying cycle if your washing machine has one. If you do leave the ecoegg laundry egg in the machine during the drying cycle, it will shorten the life of the pellets.

How do I know when to refill my ecoegg laundry egg?

Keep an eye on the white mineral pellets inside the ecoegg laundry egg. When these have dissolved to about half of their original size, then you need to refill the ecoegg laundry egg. You should also monitor the cleaning power of the ecoegg laundry egg. When this reduces, it’s probably time to refill the pellets. You usually have to refill about every 72 washes, which for the average family is about every three months. But don’t worry – it’s REALLY simple to use and you’ll get the hand of it in no time!

Is it ok to use my ecoegg laundry egg with delicates?

Yes, however we suggest that you always use a laundry bag to protect your delicates and use the ‘delicates setting’ on your machine, if you have one. If your delicates are very valuable, we suggest hand washing only. The ecoegg laundry egg is great on coloureds and white laundry.

Can I use the ecoegg laundry egg in all types of washing machine?

Yes! It will work great in front loaders, top loaders and twin tubs.

Can I use the ecoegg laundry egg if I have a septic tank?

Yes as the ecoegg laundry egg leaves almost no residue in the water.


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