Just as there are many types of eucalyptus trees, so there are many variations of the eucalyptus personality. These are very calm, rational people. They never try to make a mess, they don’t gossip, and they can keep a secret.

You are well balanced. Some might describe you as boring, but you are a refreshing change to some of the more dynamic personalities. You have an adventurous spirit in the form of project planning and a quiet sequel. Suddenly, you may announce that you are going on an adventure vacation. You never reveal your plans, but you only say what others need to know.

Some say you are secret, but you just think no one cares about personal things. You are a stable personality who can dispel a quarrel just by being in the room. You are logical and sometimes calculating and it seems as if everything should have an explanation or be proven.

You carefully choose where you live and who your partner is. You are very predictable in love. You are willing to help others without expecting thanks or praise and would probably be embarrassed if they offered it to you.

Your most likely profession: people involved in science, medicine - such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, as well as accountants, bankers and lawyers.

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This flower represents a relaxed personality who wants to live a life without stress and worries. These are people who are able to overcome difficult obstacles.

Lavender represents a freedom-loving and free-thinking individual. There is nothing wrong with your love of change and adventure 😊. You make sensible decisions very quickly, especially in dangerous or difficult situations. You are curious and often ask others, "Why this?", "Why this?" Or simply "Why?" Multitasking is a breeze for you - you eat and watch TV at the same time!

Your heart's desire is knowledge! You are an idealistic analyst and you study things in depth. Solving mental or physical puzzles is natural for you. You indulge in research and prefer scientific facts. There is a high probability that you are quiet, shy and reserved. You may find it difficult to talk to others or trust them. Make good use of your gift of intuition.

People perceive the personality of lavender as someone who is mysterious, independent and respectable. Others see you as an intellectual and an aristocrat. Being well-dressed increases your self-confidence and dignity. People see you as analytical.

In practical matters, you are able to judge well. You tend to think excessively instead of being spontaneous. Despite all this, you are a lively, persuasive, honest, kind-hearted and tolerant person. You love that your work is beneficial to others. When you feel anxious, you are usually clumsy.

Your most likely profession: public relations officer, sales director, head of tourism or transportation, game organizer, lawyer, playwright, reporter, caretaker, gambler, occultist, psychologist.

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The geranium flower represents an individual who enjoys fun, laughter, and who is not afraid to look stupid at times. A flower, like a personality, can sometimes be overlooked. It may not seem to have the same weight as a rose or jasmine flower, but it is nonetheless an important part of our ecosystem. Just as individuals with this type of personality are important reminders of what is good in life. In fact, we all have a part of the geranium personality in us.

You are probably intelligent, intuitive, graceful and even psychic. You seek the search for truth in spirituality and mysticism. Sometimes you are not kind and many times you love yourself. You are the type of person who appreciates luxury and elegance.

The heart's desire is to serve the world. You are a generous humanitarian and a perfectionist. People from all walks of life fascinate you. It only takes a few minutes to decide what kind of character a person has. You feel bitter if others do not appreciate your kind actions.

People perceive you as someone who is mysterious, independent and respectable. Others see you as an intellectual and an aristocrat. Well-dressed increases self-confidence and dignity.

Your vision can enrich you. You have excellent analytical skills and are intellectually active. You are systematic and you can make things happen. You react to events decisively, effectively, and without prior thinking or planning.

Your most likely profession: skilled worker in any field, historian, philosopher, poet, writer, consultant.

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