SPRING SUN - wax melts

SPRING SUN - wax melts

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Scented waxes in the form of cute little bears are a great alternative for scenting your rooms. They are made of vegetable wax, free of dyes and other unnecessary and harmful substances. They are scented with 100% essential oil, without added synthetic fragrances. The box contains about 50 teddy bears that are hand-poured.

Wax bears are infused with 100% ESSENTIAL OILS OF LIME, LAVENDER, LEMONS AND PATCHOULI. A scent that relaxes, refreshes and ground you.

Fresh and sweet aroma. Refreshes and invigorate.

Place the bears (adjust the amount to your desire for the intensity of the smell, we recommend 1-3) in the wax warmer (electric or on candles) and enjoy the smell that will be released when melting.