Sagrada Madre Energy Cleansing Smudge Bomb Protection
Sagrada Madre Energy Cleansing Smudge Bomb Protection

Sagrada Madre Energy Cleansing Smudge Bomb Protection

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ach carbon fumigation ball contains natural herbs and essences for a powerful cleansing of your energies

Lavender: Tranquility and harmony
Copal : Harmonises and protects
Olibanum: Purification and healing
Myrrh : Cleanliness and clarity
Rosemary : Connector



Handmade with eucalyptus flour, charcoal, concentrated essence and vegetable binder.

Use for smudge. The carbon bomb stays lit for about 15 minutes.

Each box contains 12 ready-to-use carbon bombs.

Smudge bombs are excellent for outdoor use. But if you have enough air and ventilation, they can also be used indoors.

A lot of purifying smoke is released (really), which likes to be supported by fresh air from outside so that the renewed energy also flows into the "literal" and "everyday".

When you've used these "bombita" outside, it can also be nice to bring that energy back inside during burning.

Made by hand.

1-Light the activated mace pill with a lighter or candle. You don't need charcoal.

2-Place in a non-flammable container that doesn't heat up. It can be made of ceramic, cement or stone.

3-Clean the whole house or the room where you want to do the energy cleaning.

4- Wait for the leftovers to cool before throwing them away. You can throw them in a pot because they are leftovers from natural products and the ash provides nutrients for the plants.

Duration: The charcoal will remain lit for up to 15 minutes after the natural herbs have been consumed.

Use in a heat-resistant container.
Keep away from flammable materials.
Do not leave burning unattended.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not burn near a smoke alarm.
Ventilate well.
Store in a cool, dry place.